A Guide To Mold Removal From Carpets

Carpets are ideal breeding ground for mold. it is possible for the carpet to become damp underneath even when it feels okay on the upper surface. The fibers of the carpet also make good ground for the spores of mold to settle and hide awaiting moisture and humidity levels to become ideal. Spills on carpets are common and this can make the conditions conducive for growth of the sitting spores. Here is a guide that will help you to completely rid your carpet off mold and mildew.

Inspect the carpet you need to physically look at the carpet to identify the level of the damage that has happened to it. Check underneath the carpet and on the surface. This will help you determine if cleaning the carpet is the best way to go or maybe you just need to dispose of the carpet. It will also help you determine the items you will need for the removal. Huge and well established colonies will require thorough cleaning with steam vacuums and removal solutions while mold that is just starting to form can easily be removed using just a cleaning solution and cleaning rags.

Remove the mold there are many different ways you can use to remove the mold from the carpet. First if the carpet is removable, take it outside the house and hang it on the clothes line to dry off. This will deprive the mold of water which they need to grow. Leave the carpet to dry for two to three days depending on the level of the colony you have. If its small even 24 hours outside are enough to get rid of the moisture and spores on your carpet. After that vacuum the carpet thoroughly and all mold will be gone.

The other way to remove mold is by cleaning your carpet using carpet cleaning products, mold removal products or home made cleaning solutions. The home made cleaning solutions are effective and safe. You can make some by mixing baking soda with water, mixing bleach with water, mixing ammonia with water, using vinegar, mixing water with borax, mixing water with tea tree oil and so many others. Apply the solution of your choice on the carpet and let it sit for several minutes preferably up to 10 minutes. Scrub away with a brush to remove the mold from the roots. You can also use a steam cleaner to clean the carpet. Then ensure that it is dried quickly and completely to avoid mold growth.

Remove parts of the carpet if the carpet has been affected through top to bottom then you can fix it by removing parts of the carpet that are completely infected and replacing them. You can easily do this with a carpet repair kit. If your carpet is not removable, cutting a piece of it will reveal the floor and whether it is affected. If it is, ensure you clean it before replacing the piece. For good results remove a piece bigger than the affected area.

After you the mold removal is successful, you need to prevent mold build up on the carpet again so you can enjoy high quality air in your house.